• New branding, new website, new office!

  • OpenSSL + FIPS… here to stay!

  • RSA Key Generation and Common Criteria

  • Pros and Cons of Using an Embedded FIPS-module

Recent Articles

  1. Thank you Acumen Employees, Customers and Friends

    Today, Tony and I are very excited to announce the acquisition of Acumen Security by Intertek Group plc (Intertek). We are thrilled at the possibilities this opens up for our service offerings. Most importantly, we look forward to continuing our commitment to our customers of a customer-centric approach to security certifications. Tony and I started Read More…

  2. Labgram #107: cPP/EP combination and Common Criteria CPL posting

    On December 1, NIAP published Labgram #107 titled “Collaborative PP (cPP) and Extended Package (EP) – compliant Product Posting”.  In short, product evaluations that claim conformance to both a collaborative Protection Profile (cPP) and a NIAP Extended Package (EP) will need to go through additional hoops to be listed on the Certified Product List (CPL). Read More…

  3. New branding, new website, new office!

    We are excited to unveil our new website with our updated branding. Acumen began this process about a year ago when we realized that our website and branding needed to be refreshed to reflect to reflect where we were as a company. As our discussions progressed, our thought process evolved and what you see now Read More…