Did you know that you could get your product FIPS 140 validated but NOT support Suite-B? Did you know that, while your product may support Suite-B, not every implemented service may actually have the required support? Have you ever run into this scenario?

Potential Customer:Do you support Suite-B?
You: We just got FIPS validated!” (quickly pulling up your FIPS certificate number)
Potential Customer:That’s great and required but that’s not what I needed to know.
You:Oh, I’ll have to get back to you.” (quickly texting your colleague about support)

This scenario could have been avoided if, as you prepared for your product’s government certifications, you had included Suite-B planning in the process. In addition to the responding to a direct customer request, there are other reasons to consider planning Suite-B support during your next product certification cycle, for example,

  •         Policy, such as, CNSSP-15, require IA and IA-enabled IT products to adhere to Suite-B
  •         Flexibility talking with customers (e.g., you don’t have to say, we don’t support it)
  •         It is the strongest, most effective, and most efficient standards-based commercial cryptography available

So, how do you get started? Do you know what makes a product Suite-B compliant? Or, what kind of information you can protect using Suite-B cryptography?

Acumen Security has put together an introduction to Suite-B cryptography. Not only will you have a high-level understanding of Suite-B, what you can use it to protect, and how it applies to commonly certified protocols, such as, SSH, TLS, and IKE/IPsec, but the paper also provides some recommendations for how to incorporating Suite-B into your next round of government certifications. Check the paper out: here and tell us what you think!

Finally, if you have any questions about Suite-B and how it relates to government certifications (or any other certification related questions), give us a call or drop us an email. We are passionate about certifications and helping you make the choices that are right for both you and your customers.

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