NIAP has had a busy summer. While taking in record number of products into evaluation and issuing new PPs they recently released a collection of interesting documents. On September 11, NIAP announced publication of mapping between Protection Profiles (PPs) and NIST SP 800-53 Revision 4 controls. Specifically mappings have been released for:

1. Software Applications PP


3. Network Devices cPP

This is important especially for agencies and C&A personnel where SA-4(7) (requirement to procure products evaluated against NIAP PPs) is applicable. Using these controls the C&A personnel can reduce the amount of work required to verify compliance with the applicable controls. For example IA-6 requires that authentication feedback is obscured. There is an equivalent SFR in network device cPP namely FIA_UAU.7. So if a product is known to be CC evaluated and running in it’s evaluated configuration, IA-6 can be deemed to have been met for that particular product. Below is a snapshot of this mapping:

NDcPP to SP 800-53 mapping example

There are couple of important points to note before leveraging these mappings:

1. Common Criteria evaluation is for individual products where as SP 800-53 compliance is for systems. This has to be considered while utilizing the mappings. Just because the product meets the 800-53 control does not mean the system is compliant

2. The product has to be run in it’s evaluated configuration as defined by the product specific Common Criteria user guidance

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