Hello customers, future customers, readers, lurkers and search engine crawlers. Happy New Year!

2015 has been a great year on pretty much all counts, we could not have asked for a better year. In 2015 we received our first Common Criteria certificates (and then some), grew the team to seven (and eight pretty soon) and most importantly had the pleasure of partnering with a growing list of customers. While 2015 has been a busy year (we would not want it anyother way), every moment has been fun and we have you, our customers to thank. Thank you!

Happy-New-Year-2016We look forward to 2016 and hope to build upon 2015 by continuing to strengthen current partnerships and forging new ones. 2016 will be about operational excellence, innovating ways to simplify certifications and growing into new markets and lines of business.

The journey towards better certification experience is just beginning and we look forward to working hard towards making this a firm reality! 2016 here we come!