As computers have went from luxuries to necessities in our daily lives they have solved many problems for a lot of people and made life easier. The problem is that it also applies to people who wish to harm others in various ways.

First, let us take into consideration the car hacking that has surfaced over the past couple of years. Research has shown that it is possible, it is dangerous and we need to be prepared to protect ourselves or be protected by the manufacturers. We definitely do not need to wait until serious damage is done before we fix a problem that will cause serious issues. Vehicle manufacturers are already making improvements to the development process to include more robust security measures to be in place for these interconnected automobiles.

Second, I imagine it will not stop with just our personal vehicles. What about construction vehicles that are also working to implement telematics systems that give companies the ability to monitor vehicles through GPS, cellular or Wi-Fi? A hacked dozer could do some serious damage. I do not know what those companies have in place for securing the systems they are developing. I have made some calls but I have not received any responses yet.

This is a completely new topic to me and I will continue to follow it closely. As time goes on, I hope to see more awareness, not just in vehicle computer security, but in security as a whole whenever a computer is involved. We can make things easy but if it’s not safe we may lose just as much as we thought we gained or more.

The certification community already have a set of best practices around protection of data (e.g., cryptography) and secure management.  Now, the certification industry is presented with an opportunity to be involved in the growing industry of connected vehicles before some of the same mistakes are made in the industries before them.