If you follow the developments in OpenSSL (who doesn’t?!?!) you would have seen the BIG NEWS posted by Steve Marquess regarding the next round of FIPS validation of OpenSSL’s FIPS Object module! This is indeed an exciting moment for all of us here at Acumen Security! We are honored to be part of this team for such a seminal FIPS validation.

The last OpenSSL crypto module FIPS validation had a profound impact on how ICT companies leverage and claim FIPS compliance and we expect this will have an even greater impact on our industry. We have seen firsthand how useful it is for companies to have a FIPS validated module for use with OpenSSL and the efficiencies it offers. The contribution of the FIPS validated OpenSSL crypto module cannot be exaggerated.

Dream_teamWe are thankful to SafeLogic and the OpenSSL project for placing their trust in us to be the Lab of choice. With this honor, we are keenly aware of the responsibility that has been shouldered upon us. Given what is riding on this FIPS validation, we aim to offer a certification that is solid and comprehensive and can withstand the scrutiny that comes with an open source validation. With multiple decades of experience and knowledge in leading and shepherding FIPS validations, we expect to bring this validation to its expected successful completion

As Steve mentioned, more details to follow, stay tuned! We will be updating our progress in the coming weeks and months. For more information about the project please contact us at info@acumensecurity.net