We are excited to unveil our new website with our updated branding. Acumen began this process about a year ago when we realized that our website and branding needed to be refreshed to reflect to reflect where we were as a company. As our discussions progressed, our thought process evolved and what you see now is a reflection of where we have come as a company over the past 3.5 years and the services we provide to our customers.

Over the coming weeks, you will be seeing further engagement from us, especially on our blog. We are looking to create content that will be material use for members of the certification community and for those looking to enter into this world of certifications. Towards that end, please explore our Validation Database. Here you will find a streamlined place to see products currently in evaluation (FIPS and CC) across various schemes, as well as a central place to find completed FIPS certifications.

In a happy coincidence, we have now moved to a new, bigger, and nicer office in Rockville to accommodate the ever expanding team. So, next time you are in the DC metro area, please come visit us so we can show you around and introduce you to our team!