Today, Tony and I are very excited to announce the acquisition of Acumen Security by Intertek Group plc (Intertek). We are thrilled at the possibilities this opens up for our service offerings. Most importantly, we look forward to continuing our commitment to our customers of a customer-centric approach to security certifications.

Tony and I started Acumen Security (well we all call it just Acumen now!) a little over three and a half years back with a simple premise: regulation driven certifications do not have to be painful. Our vision was to provide a differentiated customer focused service offering that makes life easier for our customers. Looking back at what we have achieved since the time of our founding, I am extremely pleased to have delivered on that vision and in the process become one of the top FIPS and CC certification laboratories in North America. This wouldn’t have been possible without the dedicated world class team and for that am eternally thankful.

Now is the beginning of a new chapter of this vision. And what a chapter it is going to be! Combining our differentiated offerings and customer centric approach to Intertek’s worldwide presence across a breadth of industries, we look forward to a global delivery model that meets the ever increasing need of security certifications across North America, Asia and Europe. We see significant opportunities from the rapid growth in connected devices (IoT) and are excited to continue assisting you in every step of the way with any security-related matters.

Have no doubt, as we enter this new chapter, we are acutely mindful of what has made us successful and the reason why you, our customers love us. We expect to continue operating unchanged and continue delivering on our commitments and partnering with you to bring value to the investment you put towards certifications.

In Gratitude,

Tony and Ashit