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Recent Articles

  1. A New EP For Voice And Video Over IP

    For the past couple of years the Protection Profile for Voice Over IP Applications (VOIP_PP) has been available for vendors who want to get a VoIP client Common Criteria certified. In March of 2017 this PP will reach its sunset date. Its place will be taken by the newly developed Extended Package for Voice and Read More…

  2. FIPS Lab Satisfaction Survey: Acumen Receives High Marks

    Mark Minnoch at the FIPS Hacker published his Q3 Lab Satisfaction Survey last month and we are proud to note that we received high ratings across the board: And this isn’t a one time anomaly. In the Q2 survey Acumen received the identical high ratings!!! The FIPS Lab Survey is a first of its kind started Read More…

  3. Version 1.2 of the Application PP

    On October 25 version 1.1 of the Application Software Protection Profile (PP_APP) will sunset. It is being replaced with PP_APP version 1.2. Like its predecessor PP_APP 1.2 is aimed at mobile, server and desktop application software. It is meant to be used in conjunction with Extended Packages (EPs) for more specialized applications. EPs that currently Read More…