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Recent Articles

  1. Version 1.2 of the Application PP

    On October 25 version 1.1 of the Application Software Protection Profile (PP_APP) will sunset. It is being replaced with PP_APP version 1.2. Like its predecessor PP_APP 1.2 is aimed at mobile, server and desktop application software. It is meant to be used in conjunction with Extended Packages (EPs) for more specialized applications. EPs that currently Read More…

  2. RSA Key Generation and Common Criteria

    Hi all! Does your application or HW product being considered for CC validation use the validated OpenSSL FOM for crypto? If so, you should pay close attention to a recent Technical Decision issued by NIAP (TD107). As many of you know, the open source validated version of the OpenSSL supports FIPS 186-2 Key Generation and Read More…

  3. New Guidance from the CMVP on Operational Environment (OE) requirements

    Here at Acumen we want to keep our clients plugged-in as product certification requirements change or evolve. From time to time FIPS 140-2 testing labs receive updates or new guidance from the Cryptographic Module Validation Program (CMVP). The following guidance was sent from CMVP last week pertaining to the level of detail required for cryptographic module Read More…