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Recent Articles

  1. Welcome Aboard!

    At Acumen, are always looking for ways to improve both our customer experience and our testing. In addition to tooling, infrastructure, and training investments, we truly believe the best way to build a world class lab is to bring on the right people. I think we’ve done a great job of bringing not only excellent Read More…

  2. Two Different Takes on SSH

    As we described in a previous blog entry, NIAP is attempting to standardize the requirements for SSH by creating an SSH EP that can be added to many different PP types. This should keep the requirements for SSH consistent across more evaluations and make it easier to incorporate updates to the standard into CC requirements. Read More…

  3. How to Build a Product Security Program with SDL and Certifications

    Chris Romeo and I conducted a webinar this week on how one can leverage SDL and government Certifications to create an effective product security program. It was heartening to see the interest we received and reinforced our belief that certifications can be more than just a check box. If strategized correctly, companies can raise the security Read More…